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RARE University, created by Global Genes, is dedicated to providing free educational resources to the rare disease community. Courses are self-paced and developed by subject matter experts on a variety of topics. Click on a course to learn more or click enroll to get started!

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Understanding Drug Development

The aim of this course is to help you understand the drug development process; where the journey begins and the key stages of the process, who is involved along the way and how they contribute to the process, and what challenges must be overcome. As you learn about the drug development process in this course,…

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Genetics Concepts for Rare Disease Patients & Families

This course has been developed specifically for people who need to learn more about a genetic disease that affects them or someone they love. Whether you are at the very start of your journey or further along, this course is designed to help you in three ways; to help you understand more about the concepts…

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Data DIY: The Why’s and How’s of Data Collection

This is a hopeful time for the rare disease community. Our understanding of the causes of rare diseases is rapidly growing, along with the development of innovative approaches to treatment. The ability to collect and share data is at the heart of these advances. That’s why patients and advocacy groups are taking on the task…

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Data DIY: Data Trusts, Governance, and Collection Platforms

Whether you are creating a contact registry, a clinical patient registry, a natural history study, or a biobank, one of your first steps will be to create a process that allows you to collect, store, and share data in a way that protects the rights and privacy of each participant. The purpose of this module…

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Data DIY: Developing Collaborative Research Networks

Developing treatment for rare diseases is always a team effort. As an advocacy leader, you have an essential role to play in convening this team. In this module, you’ll meet Dr. David Fajgenbaum and learn about the 8-Step Collaborative Research Network he created to advance treatment for Castleman Disease. Next, you’ll draft an action plan…

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Data DIY: Becoming a Data-Centric Community

A strong data program is one of the most valuable assets a rare disease organization can possess. It provides a solid foundation for strategy development and decision making. It makes your organization attractive to funders, investors, and research partners. It can even reveal new solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. This module assembles stories of advocacy…

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