Rare Drug Development Symposium Poster Guide


  • Poster Abstract submission period opens January 30, 2023
  • Abstracts must be submitted by 5pm ET on March 13th, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance will be issued on March 22, 2023


Please be prepared to include these materials with your submission:

  • Presenting author’s contact information 
  • Poster title 
  • Presenting author’s short biography


Accepted poster presenters will receive 30% off of their registration fee (the discount code will be provided in your notification of acceptance).Poster presenters who wish to attend the conference in person may also apply for travel stipends here.



  • All posters will be presented on digital displays at the event.
    • Posters should include data (summary, method, evaluation, results, demographics, etc.) for consideration
    • Posters should be sized for a 16:9 viewing ratio
  • Presenting author(s) headshot(s) and short bio(s) 
  • Bringing a printed physical copy of your poster is not necessary.


Are there presenter costs?
There are no additional presenter costs. Accepted poster presenters will receive 30% off of their registration fee and may apply for a travel stipend here.

Is there a word limit or character count to which we should adhere? 
Yes, there is a limit of 700 words. Charts and graphs are also acceptable.

Is there a language requirement for the posters?
Posters must be submitted in English.

Who do I submit my poster to?
Please send your final Poster PDF to Nicholas Ehly at [email protected] by April 4th, 2023

Why should you create a poster?
Poster presentations provide an opportunity for you to share the work of your organization, team or community with a larger audience of rare disease stakeholders from advocacy, research and industry. Showcasing ongoing or completed projects often can provide new connections/opportunities to meet new collaborators and/or potential funders.

Are there any tips for creating an “attractive” poster/abstract?

  • The title of the poster is very important to draw attention, like a good news headline.
  • There are powerpoint ppt poster templates available from various sites. 
  • An abstract is important to attract an audience to view your poster presentation in more detail.
  • Make it simple, easy to read, organized and presentable.
  • Add a patient picture, story, or perspective as it will make the poster more attractive. 

Is there a choice between a virtual display and an in-person display?
No, all posters will be displayed in person only on a monitor. There will be no virtual display.

Will I be required to attend in person to present my poster?
We highly encourage you to attend the RARE Drug Development Symposium in person, but it is not a requirement. If you are unable to attend in person, please let us know by March 31st, 2023.

Am I responsible for printing my own poster? 
No, all posters will be submitted as a PDF and displayed on screens during the summit. Printing a physical copy of your poster is not necessary.

Is there a time to present my poster?
There is no set time to present your poster. All posters will be on display throughout the conference.

I still have questions, who can I reach out to?
Please contact Nicholas Ehly at [email protected] for any questions about poster presentations.