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A Christmas Like No Other

December 4, 2020

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
We were wrapping our gifts, just me and my spouse;
With fears of the virus, relations with whom
We’d normally visit just logged onto Zoom.

The children were upstairs texting their friends,
Who they will not see ‘til the pandemic ends
My wife in her face mask, and I in my shield,
Sprayed presents with Lysol ‘case germs were concealed.

When out on the lawn there arose a commotion,
As our lights switched on, triggered by motion.
I logged on to Ring to see who was there
My jaw dropped open and I started to stare.

My wife grew frantic, she let out a shriek
“That guy on our lawn is one reckless freak!
His face is uncovered, as Santa disguised
Doesn’t he know we’re immunocompromised!”

“He’s coughing and wheezing, don’t let him near.”
I did not know what she would do out of fear.
I warned the fat elf “Don’t antagonize her!
Cover your face and use hand sanitizer!”

Vaccines were coming, but still months away
As this fool drove around in his wide-open sleigh
Don’t get me wrong, his gesture was nice
I just thought we needed to put his visit on ice.

“Don’t you want a selection from my big bag of toys?”
“They are gifts,” he said, “For all good girls and boys.”
Down the chimney he came. “There’s no charge it is free.”
“But,” I said, “I’m worried about what you will give me.”

“The virus is raging. We’re sheltered in place.
Out of my house and quicken your pace!
Back to the North Pole. Stop your persistence
This year we must all socially distance.”

“Now, Fauci! now, Pfizer! now Deborah Birx!
Now, Moderna! AstraZeneca! Give us the works!  
“Pardon my concern and repeated objection
All I want is a shot to prevent new infection.”

Why guys in red hats just don’t understand
The virus is real and throughout the land.
We’re vulnerable, yes, some more than others
But we all must protect our sisters and brothers.

Fatigue has set in, we are all stir crazy
But we shouldn’t get lax, careless, or lazy
We must keep up our guard until vaccination
And then, only then, can begin relaxation.

Pre-existing conditions and genetic mutations
Are worries of folks at rare disease foundations.
But as ICUs fill and infections still rise
Acting as if times are normal is unwise.

Travel plans need adjustment, gatherings must stay small
We must shop online and stay out of the mall
We’ll raise a glass to each other, virtually and online
One way or another we’ll get through this in time.

When the kids came downstairs they watched Santa depart
I feared that the sight would just break their heart
As a diehard Mets fan, what to say was quite clear
I looked up and I told them “Just wait ‘til next year.”

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