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GeneDx Partners with Komodo Health to Expand Access to World’s Largest Rare Disease Dataset

April 23, 2024

Rare Daily Staff

GeneDx and Komodo Health have entered into a strategic partnership to increase access to GeneDx’s extensive de-identified rare disease data set.

Data from more than 500,000 exomes will now be available through Komodo Health’s MapEnhance offering, enabling biopharma companies to access genetic insights that can help inform drug pipelines and accelerate clinical trial enrollment.

“The partnership between GeneDx and Komodo Health represents a milestone in advancing the understanding of rare disease and its associated drug development”, said Melanie Duquette, chief growth officer of GeneDx. “We continue to see increased investment in rare disease drug discovery and want to help accelerate access to these life changing treatments by making our data more easily accessible to the companies on the forefront of these discoveries.”

GeneDx’s rare disease data set is recognized for its depth and accuracy, making it a valuable resource for biopharmaceutical companies seeking to identify novel therapeutic targets and optimize clinical trial design. As a MapEnhance specialty partner, GeneDx’s repository of de-identified genetic data will be accessible through Komodo’s end-to-end platform, to help companies unlock deeper insights into genetically based disease and accelerate new breakthroughs and treatments for patients.

“Combining the power of GeneDx’s genetic intelligence with Komodo’s comprehensive and longitudinal view into patient journeys is going to be a massive accelerant for companies looking to advance precision medicine and help to pave the way for more personalized treatments for patients,” said Brad Kelley, general manager of MapEnhance, Komodo Health.

Photo: Melanie Duquette, chief growth officer of GeneDx


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