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n-Lorem Partners with La Jolla Labs to Discover Personalized ASO Medicines for Nano-rare Patients

March 16, 2022

The nonprofit foundation n-Lorem has engaged La Jolla Labs, an RNA drug discovery company, to support n-Lorem’s discovery efforts to provide personalized experimental antisense oligonucleotide medicines for nano-rare patients for free, for life.

Photo: Stanley Crooke, founder, CEO and chairman of n-Lorem Foundation

The partnership leverages La Jolla Labs’ automated, high-throughput screening technology to design and screen for RNA-targeting antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) therapeutics. For n-Lorem, it’s the fourth collaboration with service providers over the past few weeks as it seeks to enable the rapid development of ASO treatments for nano-rare patients (1 to 30 patients worldwide).

“When I founded n-Lorem, I recognized that the demand for treatment for nano-rare patients would be substantial because each patient needs an individualized approach that addresses their specific gene mutation. What I didn’t expect was that the demand would be so enormous, so early,” said Stanley Crooke, founder, CEO and chairman of n-Lorem Foundation. “La Jolla Labs is the ideal partner to help us meet this demand. Jeff and his team have significant experience in ASO technology and the expertise and tools to expedite our ASO discovery programs while maintaining our rigorous quality standards.”

Founded in 2021 La Jolla Labs is focused on developing high throughput screening automation and software tools for RNA drug discovery. In addition to proprietary screening assays La Jolla Labs is developing hts.bio, a cloud-based software tool for designing, executing, and analyzing large high-throughput experiments for genomic-based drug discovery.

“Unlike standard drug discovery and development efforts, which can take 12 or more years to reach a patient, the discovery work we are doing today could reach a nano-rare patient in less than two years,” said Jeff Milton, CEO at La Jolla Labs. “My team has extensive experience in ASO technology and we understand the importance of maintaining rigorous quality while also expediting the discovery process using our proprietary assays and automated screening technology.”

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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