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Syntegra Partners with TMA Precision Health to Reduce the Diagnostic Odyssey

June 15, 2022

Synthetic healthcare data generator Syntegra said it entered a partnership with TMA Precision Health to use synthetic data to improve the diagnosis of rare disease patients around the world.

Under the agreement, TMA will leverage Syntegra’s synthetic data engine to accelerate the building of predictive diagnostic algorithms with a focus on advancing healthcare equity for patients with the highest unmet need.

An estimated 350 million people worldwide are living with a rare disease, many of whom know first-hand the long and difficult road to receiving the right diagnosis and, subsequently, the right treatment. Unfortunately, patients receive a misdiagnosis in approximately 40 percent of cases, and most rare diseases do not yet have a cure. TMA is already using their expertise to make clinical care more accessible and equitable to identify better treatment options for these patients.

With the development of predictive diagnostic algorithms, enabled by synthetic data, TMA is working to reduce the diagnostic odyssey and accelerate time to diagnosis. With highly accurate synthetic data, the company said it can scale its data at a faster pace to build and test the diagnostic models without any risk to patient privacy.

TMA is also able to leverage the unique, augmentative properties of Syntegra synthetic data that allows it to expand rare cohorts and generate more of the data they need to build their models, resulting in even greater statistical power to improve accuracy in real-world settings.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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