Do you know how the recently passed Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare) affects you and your family? Do you understand how an important segment in this ACA called “Essential Health Benefits” may alter your access to the therapies and treatment you need? At this webinar, our panelists will explain the changes that are about to be put into effect, and more importantly, how these changes will affect our entire rare disease community.

Several issues specific to the rare community will be discussed, including:

* Will these changes in healthcare ensure that patients are still able to meet with an adequate number of specialists?

* How will the Health and Human Service Department (HSS) determine which medical services are unnecessary and inappropriate and which are necessary and high-quality?

* How will HHS ensure that explicit details on prescription drug coverage remain readily available for patients, so they can make informed decisions while selecting a healthcare plan?

* Most importantly, how will you know with certainty which health plan is best for you after all of these healthcare changes are put into effect?

Please view the recording to learn more about this important provision of the Affordable Care Act and how it could potentially affect you and your family.


Moderator:  Dean Suhr, MLD Foundation

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