2015 Global Genes Patient Ambassador now Studies at MIT

July 12, 2022

Ben LouDisease Affiliation: Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Hi everyone! Six years ago, Global Genes awarded me the honor of Global Patient Ambassador. I remember that night as one of, if not the, best nights of my life.

I wanted to give an update on what I’ve been doing since then. I’ve continued my advocacy, including raising 50k for research into my disease with Dana Perella, whom I met two years ago at Global Genes. I also continued competing in elite level math competitions, including the USA Math Olympiad. And last year, I applied to colleges and was accepted by Harvard, MIT, and Caltech!

I’m currently studying at MIT virtually. I hope to quickly acquire the background necessary to achieving my dream of becoming a top physicist or mathematician. That seems to be going well; I’ve kept all my test scores above 95/100!

Now, my disease makes me reliant on caregivers to perform even basic tasks of living, such as eating or using the restroom. Next year, I plan to attend MIT in person with my

Author: Ben Lou

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