PMP – A long haul journey

July 11, 2022

Author: Dawn Haskin George Haskin Pseudomyxoma Peritonei – Appendix Cancer (PMP/AC)
My husband, George, was diagnosed with PMP cancer in August 2014. As we reeled from that fact, we began our internet search (which is not always a good thing). After four doctors basically telling us “good luck” and not giving us much hope, we happened to be referred to a local surgeon who was very familiar with this cancer and was able to give us the hope we were looking for.
George went through his first CRS/HIPEC surgery in September 2014 where so many internal organs were removed.
George’s journey lasted five years. We relied on support from others with PMP cancer, not easy to do with a rare cancer yet so crucial to be able to compare notes, share stories. I started a Northern CA group that met annually in-person which meant so much to patients and caregivers alike.

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