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My Wife Had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and She Never Knew
My wife died in 2008. It was the same year my daughter was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). We have dedicated a new program in… Continue Reading
LIfe with Ehlers- Danlos: Back to School with EDS
by Tiffany Early Is it just me or are summers getting shorter? When I was a kid, summers seemed like a grand expanse of endless opportunity.… Continue Reading
The Best and Worst News of My Life: Getting a Diagnosis After 30 Years
My whole life, I thought I was the biggest wimp alive. Until one day, when I was commiserating with my sister about how we have more aches… Continue Reading
My Life With Ehlers-Danlos: Taking EDS to a Concert
My husband (Joe) is a Bruce Springsteen super fan. If you walk into our house while we’re cooking or cleaning (or doing any other… Continue Reading
Here’s What I Would Say To The Patients Who Are Being Told Their Disease Is “Not Real”
By Karina Sturm Have you ever had this feeling like you’re missing something but you just can’t figure out what it is? Like you… Continue Reading
My Life with Ehlers-Danlos: Taking EDS on Vacation
In just less than a month, I am going to my absolute favorite place on earth- Disney World. I realize most of the people who agree with me… Continue Reading
My Life with Ehlers-Danlos: Getting Dressed with EDS
By Tiffany Early Marriage comes with many laments. “Why can’t you put the toilet seat down?” “The trash is seriously overflowing!”… Continue Reading