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Preventing Bullying and Promoting Rare Awareness This School Year
By Lisa Moreno-Dickinson  Are you contributing to the confusion? Making sure rare disease is understood by your child’s classmates can… Continue Reading
Register For Tomorrow’s Webinar On Helping Your Rare Child Through This School Year
Not familiar with a 504? What does IEP stand for? These questions and more will be asked in our “Optimizing Your Loved Ones  Learning and… Continue Reading
IEP Champions: Planning for Your Child’s IEP Starts NOW!
Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to think about a new school year. Your child’s school year is coming to an end and now is the… Continue Reading
RARE Parenting: How Can We Help Teachers to Understand Rare Diseases?
CAID stands for Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases. My organization, StopCAIDnow, covers over 30 diseases under that umbrella. These… Continue Reading
Leading IEP Champions: How to Beat Anxiety
Anxiety Disorder + Prader-Willi Syndrome + “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” = A recipe for DISASTER if you have a child with Prader-Willi… Continue Reading
Leading IEP Champions: “Mommy, What Happens After High School?”
The reality is that we as parents have a natural tendency to worry about our child’s future, especially when dealing with a rare disorder.… Continue Reading
Life with Lowe: Communicating with Teachers
As a special needs parent, I feel like I always have to ask more questions or constantly follow-up with questions because if I don’t, I… Continue Reading

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