New Toolkits by Global Genes Educate Patients on Gene Therapy and Health Insurance

January 31, 2017

Over the past few years Global Genes has been providing patients with easy to understand guides or “toolkits” on everything from starting their own non-profit organization to exploring the road of gene therapy. These toolkits are our aim to educate and empower patients who might feel overwhelmed by some of the major developments in the rare disesase community and give them the insight and information to participate, act, and succeed.
We are excited to introduce the following new toolkits for patients to explore!

A Guide to Gene Therapy

The goal of this toolkit is to provide rare patients
and caregivers with an overview of gene therapy and
why it is being considered as a possible treatment
for many rare diseases. To make the content
easier to connect with and more engaging there are
Illustrations, interactive journal prompts, and trivia
about genes and jeans.
Topics covered in the toolkit include:
1.  An introduction of what gene therapy is
2. A brief history of the development of gene
3. An explanation of how gene therapy works
4. A summary of where gene therapy research
is today which includes: current challenges,
examples of advances with gene therapy
treatments, and what the future might hold.
Navigating Health Insurance
There are a gazillion situations in daily life, at work, at home, or in line behind 20 other irate people at the post office, that are often about somebody else. Well, that’s about to change. We designed this toolkit to give you the information and tools you need, as a rare disease patient or caregiver, to make an informed decision about
health insurance.
Coming soon in February, look for our two new toolkits: “Building Relationships with your Representative” and “Finding you Fundraising Strategy.”

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